"Therefore we thank Thee for our little light, that is dappled with shadow."

T. S. Eliot



Magnolia & Magpie Photography Co. is made up of the husband and wife duo, Joey and Cameo. Magnolia & Magpie was birthed out of a firm belief that photography should not only be beautiful, but truthful. The photos that speak to us are not always bathed in sunshine and laughter, but take us on a journey from darkness to light. Our own stories are muddled with pain and scars, perhaps all good stories are, but out of that darkness, our relationship with one another shone brighter. Difficulty gave us a clear view of the sanctuary we had found in one another’s arms and a perspective by which we could see how good the sweet times were.


In our images, we seek to avoid disingenuous moments or perfectly staged masterpieces, but to allow space for the grit of life. We aim to know our couples well, to take part in their stories, and, thus, to create images that speak not just to the wedding season, but the spectrum of their relationship.


We strive to create unique works of art that will sustain you through the struggles, enrich you in the light, and provide you with aesthetically lasting heirlooms for the years yet to come.


May ‘I do’ never end…